Interactive Toys-to-Life


Play with toys and games
using hybrid technologies and controllers

Playbrid Gameboard is the first Xplored control system to haptically interact and play with new generation hybrid toys, using them as direct controllers of the toy-avatars in the related videogames.

The Playbrid Gameboard is a wireless controller, compact, lightweight and powered by standard batteries.

Designed to universally fit onto tablets and smartphones.

Based on a very innovative, pat.pending technology,
Playbrid Gameboard allows:
– intercommunication with smart devices and consoles
– toys identification that locates and track positions on-board
– conversion of the toys into wireless game controllers

The first version of Playbrid Gameboard by Xplored has been specifically designed and developed for the Toys2Life project “Runimalz”, that will be released in Italy in 2016, thanks to 505 Games publishing and GameStop distribution.
With the vastness of possible interactions and innovative gameplay opportunities that it offers, Playbrid is the perfect control system to use with new, haptic, ambitious Toys to Life games.

Do you want to see Playbrid in action? Runimalz is coming!


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